Forget Me Not Flower Resin Adjustable Ring

Forget Me Not Flower Resin Adjustable Ring

Plum Blossom Flower Resin Adjustable Ring


Capture heartfelt memories with our Handmade Plum Blossom Flower Resin Adjustable Ring. A delicate white blossom against a translucent blue sky, held by a high-quality silver-plated bezel. Wear nature’s promise, eternally close. 🌼💧

Origin: Amidst snow-kissed branches, a delicate white bloom flourished, radiating grace. A poet, captivated by its beauty, christened it ‘Plum Blossom Flower,’ a timeless ode to nature’s elegance and resilience.

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  • Blossom nostalgia: Infused with preserved Plum Blossom flower, our Handmade Resin Ring holds nature’s whispers.
  • Adjustable ring size, from diameter 1.5 cm
  • Crafted from resin and high quality metal alloy, each piece a unique labor of love.
  • Wear a touch of nature’s promise.
  • Personal craftsmanship ensures a piece as distinctive as your memories.

PS : Individually handcrafted, each piece exhibits a charming distinctness from the photos. Just like friendships, no two leaves or flowers are identical. A flawless gift for that extraordinary friend with limitless dreams.

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