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Hey! We are Hari and Bhavya from Krinns, a brother-sister duo based out of Bangalore. The sibling’s unified vision, wherein creativity and artistic ability came together to establish something special, brought life to Krinns. Our adventure began with an unwavering passion for anything handcrafted, especially in the area of accessories like neck chains, rings, bracelets, and resin items. Bhavya, the visionary behind Krinns, had a talent for transforming ordinary supplies into exquisite pieces of wearable art. Her goal was to make these original works available to everyone. Fortunately, her brother Hari, had a similar passion for artistic expression and was eager to set off on this journey.

Krinns is a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the unisex spirit. We specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind handmade accessories and offer a wide variety of products, from colorful beaded bracelets, adorable clay charms to quirky resin accessories. Our pieces are created to appeal to the millennial audience, who value handcrafted beauty and are drawn to art that is as unique as they are. Additionally, we provide customization options so that you can truly make our products your own.

Here at Krinns, we are firm believers in the ability of handcrafted art to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our simple yet profound purpose is to give you an outlet for self-expression through products that reflect your unique individuality. Let Krinns be your partner in showcasing your distinctive qualities to the world as we celebrate the combination of creativity and craftsmanship.

What We Do

Our about

We specialize in crafting a charming world of adorable clay charms, cute enamel charms, bead bracelets and polyresin flatback charms, offering a treasure trove of possibilities for jewelry making and creative expression.

We explore the allure of resin art, preserving the delicate beauty of authentic flowers in bracelets, chains, earrings, keychains, and various other products. Every piece is a special representation of your own style reflecting our dedication to customization, which elevates jewelry making to a kind of an art form.

Meet The Krinns Karacters


Meet Klio, the adorable droplet of kindness, spreading love and warmth, ready to add a splash of cuteness and joy to your world!


Say hello to Roofie, the fluffy ball of joy with a thick hornsbig smile, bringing smiles & cuddles wherever it goes with its hugging nature!


Meet Imoby, the mood swinger. Accepting the highs & lows, finding joy in little things while navigating a rollercoaster of emotions.


Meet Neo, the carefree cool fluff bot who masters the art of procrastination and skips through life, happily defying the ordinary.


Say hi to Niko, the chill potato-like dreamer, living life in a blissful haze, always going with the flow and saying "ok" to whatever comes its way.


Our Stoby, the lively pillow-like extrovert, full of energy who delights in roasting everyone with laughter, always the life of the party.

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